The length of a Zante boat party typically lasts around 4-5 hours.

Your tickets can be collected at Holiday Box Office next to Pure zante. The best thing to do is to do this the moment you arrive on the island to have peace of mind and get set for your holiday!
Return transfers to and from the boat are included in the price. All you need to do is meet us at Pure 5 pm!
We meet at Pure zante at 5pm on the day of the boat party. try to get down early and grab a couple of 241 drinks and chill while you’re waiting on everyone else to arrive. It’s probably a good idea to get something to eat before the boat party.
The dress code for a yacht party can vary, but it’s generally recommended to wear something comfortable and don’t forget your swimwear!
We are the kings of getting the party started so you just leave everything to our entertainment and DJ team!
On entrance to Pure you get 241 at the pre-party followed by discounted bottle packages on the boat, make the most of your exclusive drinks deals onboard. Alternatively, if you upgrade your tickets to VIP you will also receive a free bottle of champagne for every group.
It’s possible to get drunker on a boat due to factors such as the rocking motion and the effects of the sun and wind. It’s important to drink responsibly and stay hydrated.
Yes, our boat is a 400-capacity party boat with bars, a VIP deck, a swim platform and of course toilets and all the amenities you expect
Smoking policies can vary depending on the yacht rental company or captain. It’s important to check and follow any designated smoking areas or policies beforehand.
People often choose not to wear shoes on yachts we do recommend wearing shoes like trainers.
High heels can damage the boat’s deck and create safety hazards by getting stuck in cracks or gaps. It’s recommended to wear flat or low-heeled shoes on a yacht.
The average age of attendees at a Zante boat party can vary, but it’s generally popular among young adults from 17 to 30s.
The last 5 years without any doubt Tidal is the most popular boat Party in Zante !
Yes extremely Your payments are protected by both VISA and Stripe, and we are a UK registered company (TZB Limited, The Zante Bible )
Tidal recommends taking cash with you on the boat, that way you set your spending and it’s easy to use at our different bars !!



Chose the individual event you would like to book or book all our events for a discounted price as part of the Zante Mega Deal.


Choose the amount of tickets you wish to purchase and the event date or for the Mega Deal choose the date you arrive in zante.


Finally a small deposit and the remaining balance is due to be paid when you arrive in zante.